Toy Pix: Glyos Haul, Part 1 - Armodoc!

I just got my most recent Glyos shipment in this weekend, so let's check out all the intergalactic awesomeness! We'll start with the new Armodocs: Ayosire, Reverse Ayosire, and Powered (GITD)! (You'll see that the parts for Ayosire and Reverse Ayosire were switched around to make all-purple and all-black Armodocs. As you may know, I prefer my Armodocs mono-chromatic.)

Both Ayosire and Reverse Ayosire have sort of a glossy finish to them. The finish looks pretty sweet, but it can be easily rubbed-off when you're switching out parts, so be careful. The purple guy turned out unscathed, but unfortunately, I accidentally rubbed-off some of the black Armodoc's finish from his neck. Gak! It's a good idea to heat the figures a bit before you start dismembering so the parts won't give you much resistance.

The GITD guy has the same finish as the previous release. Regardless of the rub problems with the glossy finish, I dig the matte finish much more. It gives the Armodocs more of a fun Playskool feel.

Stay tuned for more from this wave, including a review!

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