Toy Pix: Glyos Haul, Part 2 - Classified Scar Pheyden and Hybrid Sarvos MK II

Let's take a gander at the second part of my Glyos shipment: Classified Scar Pheyden and Hybrid Sarvos MK II!

I'm such a sucker for battle-damaged Pheydens, so Classified is my third Scar Pheyden figure. I really dig the all-black color scheme. My favorite is still Standard Scar Pheyden (the grey armored, blue-headed dude), but this one is pretty awesome too.

And this is my very first Sarvos figure! I love the light blue/grey color scheme, which I like to think of as the "hero" colorway.

The packaging is the same for both figures (except the card is flipped). The 8-bit inspired illustrations are awesome!

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