Toy Pix: Hallmark Pac-Man 2008 Ornament

You might think including a Christmas ornament in an episode of Toy Pix would be stretching it a bit. But to me, many of my ornaments are more like toys than they are decorations for a Christmas tree. Especially this Pac-Man ornament from 2008.

The ornament is an almost perfect replica of an arcade coin-op. The cabinet art looks great (even if it's not totally authentic to the classic Pac-Man art), and the buttons, coin slots, joy stick, and game screens make it look like an arcade game got blasted by a shrink ray. And if you press the player select buttons, the screen and cabinet top will light up with authentic sounds from the game. Awesomeness personified.

But the best part is that it's roughly to-scale with Star Wars figures. Let's see if Jar Jar can beat the high score!

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