Toy Pix: Pac-Man Squeak Toy (Gabriel)

I picked up this Pac-Man squeak toy at a flea market years ago, but I admit I know next to nothing about him. He's date-stamped 1982 and the company that made him was Gabriel... but that's it. Were there others in this line? Maybe there was also a squeaky Ms. Pac Man chasing squeaky ghosts? Who knows?

But I do know that this guy is all kinds of cool for Pac fanatics like me. He has a distinctive Pac-Man sculpt, but just so you know for sure that this is official Pac product, there's the Pac-Man logo on the back. The bottom provides the location for Gabriel Ind. as Hagerstown Md.  Check out the pics for more!

Pac-Man combines with Armodoc to create the ominous ARMOPAC!

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