January Poll: MOTUC Vehicles, plus Gross Parody Cards results

Since 2010 will see the first non-figure toy in the Masters of the Universe Classics line with Battle Cat, I was thinking about MOTU vehicles that might get the Classics treatment. This is pretty much a pipe dream, as I doubt we'll ever get any vehicles (no reusable parts, after all), but it's fun to speculate. So be sure to place your vote in the poll at the right, and tell us which vehicle from the first 3 years of the original toyline would you like to see in the MOTUC line (not including beasts like Panthor).

Below are the results from last month's poll:

What toy line would you most like to see turned into gross parody cards, a la Garbage Pail Kids?

Bratz 9 (26%)
Care Bears 5 (14%)
Monchici 0 (0%)
My Little Pony 6 (17%)
Popples 1 (2%)
Pound Puppies 1 (2%)
Smurfs 11 (32%)
Wuzzles 1 (2%)

Votes: 34

Smurfs were the winner, with Bratz a close second (Care Bears and My Little Pony also had strong showings). Maybe I'll whip up a rendition of a GPK-style Smurf myself. The name "Brainy Smurf" is just asking for a gross parody, don't you think?

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