February Poll: Superman vs. Batman, plus MOTUC Vehicle Poll results

With this month's poll we can finally resolve the age-old debate: Who would win in a duel to the death, Superman or Batman? Sure, Superman has the clear advantage in terms of super powers, but Batman always seems to have some Kryptonite up his sleeve in case Supes goes nuts for whatever reason. Or, do you think they're so evenly matched that they would somehow kill each other at the same time? That might seem absurd, but hey, it happened before when Superman fought Doomsday. Hm... maybe the answer lies in this comic from PassFailStudios.com. Be sure to vote in the poll to your right!

The results from last month's poll are as follows:

Which vehicle from the first 3 years of the original MOTU toyline would you like to see in the new Classics line?

Attak Trak: 2 (6%)
Battle Ram: 2 (6%)
Dragon Walker: 1 (3%)
Road Ripper: 1 (3%)
Roton: 2 (6%)
Stridor: 9 (29%)
Talon Fighter: 3 (9%)
Wind Raider: 10 (32%)
Other: 1 (3%)

Total Votes: 31

It was Stridor and Wind Raider, neck and neck, but Wind Raider just barely nudged out the robo-pony. I was surprised that the poll was so two-sided.

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