Toy Pix: Glyos Custom Corps III, Chaos Invasion

My much-anticipated Glyos Custom Corps figure arrived today, and as soon as I ripped open the baggie, I started snapping pictures! I'm still kind of a Glyos noob, but I think the concept behind the Custom Corps is that the figures are unique customs cranked out by Matt and his cronies. Mine happens to be this weird cetacean-looking dude with an ivory head and clear green armor.

I love the head sculpt... I'll buy as many colorways of that guy as Matt can make. And although the armor is clear plastic, it has a nice finish to give it a nice gloss. The total package just looks great.

He also came with three Phanost heads: clear green, clear rust, and clear pink. Strangely enough, the pink is my fav, although I'm not sure that hue goes with any of my Glyos bodies.

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