Toy Pix: Glyos Founders Standard Pheyden & Aves Excellis

I'm kind of a late-comer when it comes to the Glyos Universe, and ever since I started collecting, I've been drooling over the many sweet colorways of the past in the Glyos Archive. Oh, how I long to get my grimy mitts on those figures, but alas, those waves have long since sold out and all hope is lost. That is, until Onell Design re-released several of its earliest figures from the Glyos Universe! Here we see two of these Glyos Founders: Standard Pheyden and Aves Excellis.

Back in the early days, the figures came in boxes instead of baggies. I dig the artwork, and it's fun to read about the early characterizations of Pheyden and Excellis.

Pheyden is styled in the "hero" colorway of light blue and grey. The plastic is a bit harder than the later Glyos waves and the paint apps aren't quite as good, but I'm downright ecstatic that I can finally add this dude to my collection. Interestingly enough, the figure has a darker, duller hue than today's hero colorways (as Sarvos demonstrates).

Excellis has a most excellent red and white color scheme. It's a very stark and commanding look. It reminds me of the Red Ranger's costume in the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers show... which is a good thing.

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