Fan Art: SD Glyos Series I

After doing the header card art for the Glyos Aliens and Glyos Aliens: Brain Wave figures, Marty (TheGodBeast) then approached me to work on a collaboration he was doing with Brian Phelps. Brian had sculpted three Glyos characters in a Super-Deformed style, and Marty would be prototyping them. The figures looked awesome and when Marty asked me to do header cards for them, I jumped at the chance!

Each character would get a separate illustration. Marty and I thought it would be cool to play with hyper-Japanese styling for the packaging, which meant there would be gobs of highly-saturated colors and mannerisms characteristic of Japanese cartoons. So, you'll see that Pheyden (above) holds squid-on-a-stick in one hand while the other hand sports the "peace" sign.

For Phanost, I wanted to show how he became a villain. Obviously, spilling his ice cream tipped him over the edge!

And finally, we see Excellis happily dancing... with poop. At first, the illustration only included the dancing Excellis. But Marty thought it would be fun to include Japanese-style cartoon dook (at least, I think it was his idea). Of course, I loved the idea, so Excellis got a poo buddy! The reception of the poo from collectors was mixed; some thought it was great, others were perplexed. Oh well... how often do you see action figure packaging featuring poopies?

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