March Poll: Hasbro AT-AT Reactions, plus Superman vs. Batman results

Toy Fair 2010 saw Hasbro's unveiling of the new "ultimate" AT-AT for its ever-expanding 3.75" Star Wars line! So this month's poll asks what you think of the upgraded AT-AT? Is it everything you could possibly hope for? Or do you find yourself wanting more? (Check out a video, a bunch of pics, and specs of the new AT-AT.) Vote in the poll to the right!

The results from last month's poll are as follows:

Who would win in a duel to the death: Superman or Batman?
Superman 18 (37%)
Batman 21 (43%)
Neither (they both die from injuries sustained during the fight) 9 (18%)

Total Votes: 48

Batman was winning the entire month, but Superman was right behind him most of the time. There was also a good number of people who thought that neither would survive the encounter.

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