Toy Pix: Callgrim Haul

This installment of Toy Pix features my latest Callgrim haul: Callgrim Lorcos Rebellion, Callgrim Standard MK II, and Callgrim Centurion! Click through for close-ups!

I love the stark red coloration of the Lorcos Rebellion figure. He kind of reminds me of that Captain America villain, Red Skull.

I was ticked when the first wave was released because I missed out on the Standard colorway. I always try to pick up the standard colorways because I think of them as the "hero" versions of the character. Fortunately, Standard Callgrim was rereleased for this wave, so I was sure to snatch up a MK II this time around.

And finally, my favorite Callgrim of all: Centurion! I love the gray swirly plastic, it has a great metallic look. I think of this dude as the "Terminator" Callgrim.

As a side note, you'll notice I'm using a gray background instead of the usual blue. This is because the blue "stage" is made of foam board, which is slightly reflective. The foam board tends to distort the colors of the figures toward the blue side. So I'm experimenting with this gray paper, which is more neutral and less reflective.

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