Toy Pix: TMNT Universal Monsters, Wave 1 (Playmates Toys)

To continue with the Universal Monsters/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme started by the Creature Leo retro toy review, I decided to post Toy Pix of the first wave of Universal Monsters Turtles: Leo as The Wolfman, Mike as Frankenstein, Don as Dracula, and Raph as The Mummy!

I would have posted Retro Toy Reviews of each of these guys, but I bought them loose, incomplete, and decidedly non-mint. I went out of my way to score a mint complete Wolfman Leo, though, because he's one of the coolest TMNT figures of all time. (You may remember that the first Toy Pix entry featured Wolfman Leo, but that was my first figure. It had a lot of scuffs and the bandanna was broken off, so I bought this upgrade.)

Each of the figures has some glow-in-the-dark paint apps. Check them out below! Leo and Raph in particular have awesome GITD features!

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