Toy Review: MOTUC Moss Man

For a simple Beastman repaint, Moss Man has been such the problem child. First, Mattel asked us: To flock, or not to flock? Then: How much to flock? And finally: Flocked ears, or no flocked ears? But even after all that flocking consternation, it was all for naught for many collectors: Mossy ended up selling out on in only 3 minutes! C'est la vie. But I was lucky enough to score a man of moss (the unflocked ears version), which is fortunate because the classic figure was one of my favorite MOTU figs back in the day. So does Moss Man grow on you?

If you look closely, you'll see an unflocked Moss Man on the back of the card.

Company: Mattel
Size: 7" tall
Price: $20 at
Packaging: Carded (within a mailer box)

Moss Man is a "re-moss" of the super-cool MOTUC Beastman sculpt, with an alternate head and King Grayskull's loin cloth. The moss actually looks great: there's a nice mix of brownish moss with greenish moss, giving the figure a nice coat that's not as AstroTurfy as I was expecting. The joints are un-mossed, but they're not particularly garish (maybe because of the subtle paint wash that blends well with the moss). Given the fact that moss covers his body, the paint apps are limited to just a few areas (facial details, finger/toenails, belt, etc.) but are nice and sharp anyway.

Mossy comes with two heads. The basic head is a "moss-bearded" version of the Beastman sculpt. The other head has simian facial features, giving the figure a really cool Bigfoot-esque personality. I'm a stickler for the classic look, but even I will display my Moss Man with the simian head.

Despite the moss, this figure has the same articulation as the other MOTUC figures: ball-socket neck, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, hinge chest, swivel waist, ball-hinge-swivel hips, hinge knees, and hinge ankles. He has such a great range of movement, it makes you wonder how he sat still long enough for the moss to grow in the first place.

Moss Man comes with two heads (mentioned above), a wooden mace, and a vine strap with a holster (including a removable knife) and a bag (presumably filled with moss dust). Mossy isn't as hyper-equipped as Trap Jaw, but his forest-themed accessories are undeniably cool because they contribute to the Moss Man character theme. And anytime you get an extra head is a bonus, because when you get tired of the figure you can just swap heads and have a "brand new" figure.

MOTUC figures are my vice. At the exorbitant price of $20 a pop, my compulsion to buy these figures is borderline pathological. The quality of the figure is great, but you should handle Moss Man with kid gloves, as I'm sure that the moss won't stand up to any sort of substantial playtime. Even while taking pictures for this review, I noticed a few blades of his grass fall onto the "stage".

One, two, three, four... I declare a thumb war!

The moss gives this cool Sasquatchian creature a fuzzy cuteness that will certainly make him one of the most distinctive figures on your shelf. And yes, like the classic figure, MOTUC Moss Man does have a piney scent. I'm not sure if I would say it really smells like pine; it's more like that fake pine scent from car air fresheners. And that smell will kick you in the face when you first open the package. Still, I love Mossy's "battle scent action".

Moss Man is a MOTU fan's dream, reliving the awesomeness of the vintage figure by covering the superb MOTUC Beastman sculpt with a layer of pine-smelling foliage. With forest-themed accessories and a super-sweet simian alternate head, Moss Man feels updated yet keeps much of the character of the vintage figure. The $20 price tag isn't fun, but everything else is. And the piney scent gives me hope that a MOTUC Stinkor will one day show his pungent hide.

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