Fan Art: Clear Red Pheyden Infection Card + Wallpaper

This illustration of a clear red Pheyden trading card was intended for TGB's Arthrogod/Glyos Infection Wave. I wanted to play up the robotic aspects of the Pheyden suit in the card, so I thought that "filling-in" the "in-between" spaces would really bring the illustration to life.

When I illustrate a toy, I like to reconcile the design of the character with how the character moves... which often means that I need to resolve the "in-between" areas where the joints are expected to allow movement. For example, for Pheyden's right hand, I determined what joints would be required for a robotic hand, what those joints would look like, how they would move, how the wrist would allow movement, etc. I've found that when I really think about how a toy would work if it was real, then the illustration becomes so much stronger.

The figure is cast in clear plastic, so I studied clear plastic figures to determine how best to depict the effect. I found that clear figures tend to be more opaque near the outlines of the sculpt, so I outlined the illustration's lines with bright red to represent the clear plastic effect. I think it works pretty well... it kind of makes him look like he's made out of gummy candy. Yum!

Since the card ended up being cut to reduce costs, I thought I'd post some wallpapers that you can download based on the illustration. Enjoy!

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

1600 x 900

Twitter: Be sure to set your background color to black (Design > Change design colors > Background) and deactivate the tile background checkbox

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