Toy Pix: Glyos Haul - Glyaxia Wave

Here we see my latest Glyos shipment from the Glyaxia wave! This wave had a bunch of cool colorways from the Rilleco Rising storyline featured in the Glyaxia Passcode game. Despite the weird release time of 5:00AM, I somehow managed to get almost all the figures I wanted (with the sole exception of Stealth Armodoc). Let's check them out.

We'll start with Rilleco Armodoc. I'm not a huge fan of the glossy Armodocs because the gloss has the annoying tendency to rub off when you swap parts, but I wanted to grab this guy anyway because he's a pretty strong colorway. I just wish the silver had that cool marbling effect that other silver Glyos figures have.

Speaking of that silver marbling effect, here we see Argen Buildman. He's almost identical to Infiltrator Buildman except with blue visor detailing instead of red. He looks like he's ready to star alongside Centurion Callgrim in the next Terminator movie. Man, that swirly gray metallic effect rocks. He can also be reconfigured a bit with a Gobon head to create a cool little droid (above right).

Next up is Glyaxia Sarvos. His yellow/blue color scheme really pops on the shelf, and I would have bought many more of the Glyaxia colorways if I didn't have other priorities for this wave. He also came with a spare Phanost head.

Finally, we see Dormaco Pheyden and Comrado Pheyden, companion pieces to Standard and Reverse Armodoc. Both figures come with both the standard and scar Pheyden heads. And I got the standard and reverse colorways so that I could swap out the parts and create a MUSCLE Pheyden colorway!

I managed to pick up a few more figures from this wave, but they'll be covered in a separate toy review. Stay tuned.

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