Fan Art: Creature in Space & Monstor

I thought that these recent illustrations for TGB Customs go pretty well together both thematically and stylistically. Creature in Space was a Glyos-compatible head with a classic sea monster theme (for shots of the figure, check out TGB Customs Blog). For an added touch of coolness, the head also included a bubble helmet! I wanted this header card to be kind of like those awesome horror comics from the 70's, so I added some high-contrast lighting to the creature to mimic that comic-booky drama. And since the monster head resembled the classic movie monsters from the 50's, I opted for a "silver screen" sort of background.

Monstor was a cool little resin Frankensteinish dude (TGB Customs Blog has pics of the figure). Again, I returned to the classic movie monster idea, using the same background as the one for Space Creature for continuity's sake. I also went for the same 70's horror comic style, and the illustration actually turned out a bit more realistic than I intended... which wasn't really a bad thing.

Another interesting tidbit about Monstor: this was the first illustration that I inked with real ink and brushes instead of my usual go-to of Sharpee pens. I like the effect much better; as you can see from the scan above, the lines have more interesting variation and character. Also, the ink isn't nearly as stinky as Sharpees.

You can see the backs for each header card below.

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