Fan Art: Glyos Infection

When Marty (TheGodBeast) wanted to do his own Glyos exclusive, he contacted me to do the artwork for the header card. His idea was certainly a cool one: he would team up with Onell Designs to produce an exclusive clear red Pheyden packaged with Marty's own bug-themed heads and arm attachments. I loved the idea so much that I jumped at the chance to do the artwork.

Tengu provided the storyline first (which you can read on the back above). I really liked the idea of a Pheyden getting infected by some alien spore that transformed him into an Arthrogod, and I wanted to play on that aspect for the card art. So, I did two illustrations for the card: first, the Pheyden in the process of getting infected by the spore, and second, the Pheyden completely transformed into a spider.

I first drew the Pheyden on comic board and inked him with Sharpee (the regular pen and the ultra fine point pen). I then scanned that illustration into Photoshop and colored the Pheyden and spider in much the same manner as the Pheyden trading card: an opaque red base with highlighted bright red lines to make him seem transparent.

After that, I drew the spider head and arm attachment on separate pieces of paper. That way, I could scan them in separately and replace the head and arms on the original scan in Photoshop so I wouldn't have to draw and ink another entirely new illustration. You can see the spider head illustration above.

The card back features an outline of the unused trading card art. You'll also notice the VooDooKid2 logo, which he asked me to design for him.

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