Toy Pix: Glyos Infection Wave

When I do illustration work for a toy designer, I often request a sample of the toy as payment. Marty (TheGodBeast) recently produced a wave of Glyos-compatible attachments with a bug theme, and luckily for me, he chose me to do the artwork for the header card. (I'll post the header art and the story behind it later this week.) So that meant that I got a shipment of awesome arthropodal attachments! I know I'm a bit biased about these guys since I was involved in the production, but when I got these things, I was ecstatic at the level of sheer awesome evident in the sculpts. Here are three of my favorite configurations of the attachments.

First up, we see the mantis head on the Naras Buildman body (which I bought separately). The mantoid head sculpt is not only groovy, it also adds some height differentiation to my Glyos display. I used the "spider spear" and the "crab claw" attachments for this dude. The crab claw was actually for a previous TGB Glyos wave, Glyos Aliens, but it works perfectly with the mantis idea. I think the mantis has a Godzilla villain theme going, so I depicted a kaiju battle in the third pic above.

Next we see a sleek-looking spider head on the Lorcos Rebellion Callgrim body (again, bought separately). I put the flame-thrower arm attachments on the muzzles of the Callgrim guns so that it looks like they're blasting away.

Finally, here's the wolf spider with spider leg attachments. His body is a clear red Infection Pheyden body produced specifically for this wave. This dude is my favorite of the bunch. I love the grotesque fangs and the creepy segmented arms which he uses to capture and eat unfortunate Gungans!

Marty still has a few Infection figures available, so head over to TGB Customs to pick yours up!

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