Toy Pix: Glyaxia Wave Part II - Hades Pheyden and Echo Morph Pheyden

The recent release of a new Glyos wave prodded me to finish up the toy pix from my last shipment. The final figures from this Glyaxia shipment include Hades Pheyden and Echo Morph Pheyden, two "premium" figures that you could buy after you finished the Glyaxia Passcode game.

Hades Pheyden justifies his premium price by including a Phase Arm set along with a separate plastic mask that you can remove by popping off Pheyden's head. I really dig the mask concept, and I'd like to see similar "tack-on" pieces with future figures. I also like the stark contrast of the glow-in-the-dark head and blaster with the flat black body. It's a pretty cool look.

Echo Morph Pheyden is even more premium than Hades Pheyden because he includes not only a Phase Arm set, but also a total of four heads (normal Pheyden, Scar Pheyden, Phanost, and Sarvos) and an extra torso. His coolness knows no bounds as he's cast in that metallic swirly plastic that is so blasted fun.

The extra parts aren't quite enough for an entirely separate figure, but I'm never one to let metallic swirly parts go to waste, so I supplemented the missing parts with those from a "Shadow" Pheyden that came with Armodoc. My concept behind this amalgamation is that the metallic Phanost has progressively lost most of his arms and legs in intergalactic battles. But he input a holo-emitter in his torso that creates a holographic image of his missing limbs (a la the EMH Doctor on ST: Voyager) so he can continue to do battle!

Check out more pics below. I can't wait for the next Glyos release!

The three non-Scar heads: Pheyden (on Centurion Callgrim body), Phanost (with Shadow Pheyden parts), and Sarvos (on Argen Buildman body).

You can mix and match the parts, as with any Glyos figures. Here I put the Hades mask and Echo Morph Phase Arm on Standard Scar Pheyden.

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