Artwork: Gobon Snatcher

The idea behind this TGB release actually came from his son, Kobe, who imagined a Gobon with a Gloop for a head. (What are "Gloops", you ask? Click here to see more.) When Marty commissioned me to design the header card, I took this to mean that the Gloop had forcibly taken control of a Gobon to use for its nefarious purposes, hence: The Gobon Snatcher!

This card is a bit different from my others because of its vertical, rather than horizontal, illustration. While I was drawing the illustration, I was having difficulty reconciling what I wanted to show (the Gloop-controlled Gobon stomping around) in a horizontal format that works best for head/shoulder shots. So, I thought I'd make the illustration vertically-oriented instead. It's designed so that it will fold down the middle, with the left side being the back of the card.

For Gobon's hull, I really wanted to mimic the super-awesome metallic marbling that you see on Glyos figures like Gobon and Echo Morph Pheyden. I think it turned out pretty well, thanks to the Photoshop smudging tool. The final Gobon figure might not be metallic though, so the header card's coloration might change for the production run.

The background for the back of the card is a reused illustration from a business card that I designed for the Gloop line (shown on MJ and Kobe's Art page.)

If you're interested in a Gloop-controlled Gobon, keep an eye on Marty's blog. I'm sure he'll announce it there soon.

The inked drawing prior to scanning.

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