Artwork: SlimeSkull (TGB Customs)

Here's another header card for the latest Glyos-related release from TGB Customs: SlimeSkull! The skull head was designed by Marty's son, MJ, and was placed on top of a Glyos Buildman body. For this header card, I decided to play up the skull aspect of SlimeSkull, mainly because skulls are all kinds of awesome.

The back of the header card.

I'm a big proponent of featuring hands in my illustrations. I think a hand can be very emotive, and illustrating just the right "expression" for a hand can get pretty complicated. In fact, I sometimes spend more time perfecting the hands than I do on the head and face. In this case, you'll notice that I decided to feature Buildman's less humanoid hand. I thought it would be more freaky and alien.

The  coloration in this illustration was in part by happy accident. You can see a progression of the different Photoshop layers above. The first quadrant shows the base layer which contains only the ground colors after they were run through the grain texturizer. The second shows the value layer applied, which adds different green hues to give the skull and body some shading and highlights. But after step 2, I thought that something was still missing, so I decided to add a layer of black shading for dramatic effect. My intent was to make something like quadrant 3, in which you can see the black layer on top of both the base and value layers. But I accidentally switched up the layers and put the black layer between the base and value layers. Even though it was entirely unintentional, I think the effect works really well to imply depth and transparency.

There are still a few SlimeSkulls left, so if you're interested in ordering one, be sure to sign up over at TGB Customs Blog.

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