Convention: Baltimore Comic Con 2010

The Dork Dimension at the Baltimore Comic Con, 2010!

I don't get a chance to go to conventions as much as I'd like, but I did make the trek to the Baltimore Comic Con last weekend! This convention has grown quite a bit since last year with a few big-name artists like Todd McFarlane (who wasn't signing on the day I went, unfortunately), lots of vendors (although the action figure fare was pretty homogenous... most of the booths were just variations on the same MOTUC, DCUC, and Star Wars stuff that you see everywhere else) and plenty of cosplayers (a substantial increase since last year). I managed to get a few pictures of some of the cooler cosplayers, as well as score some pretty cool autographs from my favorite comic artists. Lets check them out!

While waiting in line for tickets we were invaded by Imperial forces! Not only were the costumes incredibly accurate, but at least one of them had a synthesizer that made his voice sound cool.

These Joes were also posing next to the line, so my friends saved my spot as I hopped out and took this photo. Great costumes, all around.

After getting our tickets, we saw Harley Quinn posing in the convention lobby handing out fliers for a comic store, Amazing Spiral. I commend her dedication to her role. She not only captured the look, but also the voice and attitude of Harley. And she was cool enough to get into this dynamic pose for the picture. Man, my patellas would forcibly explode from of my knees if I tried that pose. Then again, I seriously doubt people would want me to pose like that in a Harley Quinn outfit.

On the convention floor, we saw Wonder Girl and Captain America. The costumes compliment each other really well, so this combo works great as a couple's theme.

Other than Cap and Cassie, the cosplayers were few and far between on the showroom floor. Back out in the lobby we saw Cobra Commander recruiting new troops for Cobra.

Along with CC was this interpretation of Robin, the Girl Wonder. I liked the originality of this costume: it wasn't a replica of an "official" costume like the Stephanie Brown Robin, but it was also immediately recognizable as a Robin uniform.

Next we came upon this Imperial Gunner. Cosplayers are so fixated on Vader, Fett, and the Stormtroopers that other cool costumes, like the Imperial Gunner, are often neglected. The costume looked great and it made me wish I brought my POTF85 Imperial Gunner to pose with him.

Later in the day, the costume contest started up so we briefly dropped by to check it out. There we saw these epic costumes of War Machine and Bumblebee. The detail in these costumes is amazing.

The cosplayers weren't the only ones to catch my interest at the convention. Although I wasn't familiar with most of the artists there, I did drop by Sergio Aragones' booth to get his signature. This guy is a MAD Magazine legend, so I brought one of my old MAD compilations for him to sign and he sketched a quick self-portrait. Cool stuff.

And finally met Sean Wang, the dude behind the incredibly awesome Runners Universe online comic. I let myself geek-out a little bit with him (read the next lines in the most nerdy, nasally tone possible): "Sean, I love the website! The commentary is like a director's cut of a comic! Cember's my favorite character... but Bennesaud would make the coolest action figure!" Truthfully, it's the most I've talked to an artist at a convention, and Sean couldn't have been cooler. If you're a space adventure nut, you'll want to check out Runners. It's all kinds of fun and you can read the entire first graphic novel online.

And that's it! Overall, I enjoyed the convention. I wish we stayed long enough for me to catch a few more cosplay pics, but you can see a few more over at Articulated Discussion.

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