Dork Dimension: Year Two

Dork Dimension: Year Two

Today is the two-year anniversary of the Dork Dimension! Unlike the first year in which I was still feeling out my vision for the site, not much has changed in the past year other than a few relatively superficial design updates. The biggest change has been the implementation of navigation pages like this one for the Toy Reviews. The pages give me the opportunity to list the articles alphabetically, while also including scores for the reviews for easy perusal. But there's also been plenty of new content, so let's check out the top ten most popular articles in the past year. The results might surprise you...

10. Toy Review: MOTU Classics He-Man and Beastman

Despite the age of the article, this MOTUC He-Man and Beastman review makes the yearly top ten list once again, down from the #2 position last year. MOTUC is still as red-hot as it has ever been and there has been no indication of its popularity slowing down anytime soon.

9. Toy Tribute: Beetlejuice by Kenner

I didn't expect that there was all that much interest in the Kenner Beetlejuice line, but I suspect the fact that very few websites cover the line in any sort of detail has something to do with the relatively high number of hits for this Toy Tribute. It probably ranks highly in the search engine results simply by default. But it's a cool line nonetheless and deserves more attention than it gets.

8. Toy Review: Xtractaurs Quikfire and Battlespike

Xtractaurs looks like it might be another one of those "flash in the pan" lines. This review scored plenty of hits through last December, but the hits trailed off quickly afterwards. But maybe the line has moved on to different waves and the first wave doesn't hold much interest anymore.

7. Toy Tribute: Top Ten Favorite Toys from the 2000s

I suspect the popularity for this article, like the Kenner Beetlejuice one, is due in part to search engines. There are a lot of different toys covered here so it's a catch-all for a number of keywords.

6. Toy Review: Power Rangers Super Legends Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger by Bandai

Green Ranger actually moved up on the list from the #8 spot last year. The enduring (and improving) hit performance of this review seems to indicate that Power Rangers are starting to come into their own as collectibles.

5. Movie Review: Turtles Forever

Turtles Forever was one of my favorite movies of 2009, and it seems like it struck a similar cord amongst TMNT fans. It was by far the most-hit movie review this past year. And judging by the fact that it induced the most number of comments for any article, it was pretty controversial among the fans.

4. Jabba's Rancor w/ Luke Jedi

I don't review many Star Wars toys because my Star Wars fandom seems light years away these days. But every once in a while Hasbro produces a toy I just can't resist and Jabba's Rancor was one of them. The still-intense popularity of Star Wars made this review one of the top articles of the past year.

3. Toy Review: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Dino Megazord

The fact that there are only two reviews of Power Rangers toys on The Dork Dimension and both are in the top ten is a testament to the growing popularity of Power Rangers as collectibles. Bandai hasn't persuaded me to jump on board just yet because most of its products aren't quite up to collector standards, but they're getting close.

2. Toy Review: Starship Legends Enterprise D by Diamond Select

Like Green Ranger, Enterprise D moved up two slots to the #2 spot for this year. This Diamond Select ship is pretty expensive but difficult to see in the box, so it's understandable that people would want to check it out in a toy review.

1. Toy Tribute: Toxic Crusaders by Playmates

And the most popular article on the site this year was this tribute to the Toxic Crusaders line which moved up from #3 last year to the top spot. Some of its popularity was due to the fact that it was linked to on the official Troma site for a while. We'll see how it fares next year since the link has been removed and the hit count won't be "artificially inflated". Not that Toxic Crusaders don't deserve the top spot... it's an undeniably awesome toy line.

Year Three?

What can you expect to see in Year Three of The Dork Dimension? MOTUC is heating up with some great figures like Gygor, Grizzlor, and Vikor, so you'll likely see reviews of them (assuming I don't have any difficulty with their availability from, of course). I'll probably complete my Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation collection, which means more TNG archives. The Glyos Universe is getting interesting once again with the addition of Outer Space Men and The Rig, its second vinyl toy. And I might even get back into collecting Star Wars (to a certain degree) given the sharp ROTJ vintage figures. Stay tuned!

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