Toy Pix: Glyos System Solaris Armodoc, Callgrim

It seems like the Glyos gang has been on a "glow-in-the-dark red" kick recently. (There must be something in the water because even DST is getting in on the act.) From the latest releases of Glyos and Callgrim, I picked up Solaris Armodoc and Callgrim. Let's check them out in a few more photos.

First, let's test Solaris Armodoc's glow power against that of Powered Armodoc. Pretty awesome! It seems like Solaris has a bit more "radiation".

Next, we see Solaris Callgrim along with Spectre Callgrim. Again, the Solaris plastic seems to have more glow in its GITD.

Here we see Solaris Armodoc with his Reverse and Standard cousins.

But probably the coolest aspect of this colorway is the fact that the GITD red plastic has a fleshy pink hue similar to MUSCLEs. I bet Callgrim would be recruited by Terri-Bull as a Cosmic Cruncher, whereas Armodoc would join Muscleman and his Thug Busters.

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