Toy Pix: Jabba the Hutt (Hasbro, 2004)

With all the hoopla regarding Hasbro's new Jabba the Hutt, I thought it would be interesting to check out this Jabba from the 2004 Ultra Assortment. It's already made an appearance on the Dork Dimension in my tribute to my favorite modern Star Wars figures, but it deserves a closer look... especially since it has been the best Jabba for the past 6 years, and the new figure threatens that title.

Ultra Jabba is basically the Jabba Glob sculpt with a few modifications to the head/torso: a bit of drool has been added and a peg hole was put in for the tongue and pipe. The paint apps are also much improved. There's a nice blend of orangish-brown color washes on green plastic to give the figure depth and color variation.

I like to put all sorts of little amphibious critters in Jabba's bowl. Here you see some frogs from Jabba Glob, along with a salamander from the Episode I Cinema Scene in which Jar Jar slurps it up and irritates Sebulba.

Does the new Jabba surpass this one? Check out this Flickr image gallery for some nice shots of the new figure. The sculpt is awesome, but the paint apps are inexcusably simplistic, especially compared with 2004's Jabba. I guess I'll have to wait until I get a new Jabba for myself to find out for sure.

Jabba's Palace with figures from all eras: Vintage, POTF2, Saga, etc.

An alternate universe Jabba's Palace. 

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