Toy Pix: Matt's Soundwave Collection

When I went to the Baltimore Comic Con, I stopped by my friend Matt's place and checked out his Soundwave collection. He's taken it upon himself to get every G1 Soundwave packaging/figure variant. And I'm not talking about the periodic TRU reissue from the 2000s, but the real G1 Soundwave releases from the mid-80's heyday of Transformers. There are more packaging variants than you might think, so it's a pretty daunting task. Check out these pics of Matt's incredible collection.

Matt devoted one of those IKEA cases to his collection. The bottom shelf isn't Soundwave related (for shame!) but I'll bet as soon as he picks up his last few Soundwaves, he'll retask the shelf. Check out close-ups for each Soundwave shelf below.

Top: Soundwave, loose and boxed (US/Japan), along with his cassette buddies.

Second from Top: Soundblaster (black Soundwave) with a couple more Soundwave packaging variants. I love the Soundblaster illustration in the back.

Third from Top: More Soundwave packaging variants, with a Bruticus reissue and clear Optimus Prime.

Eventually, I want to do a Toy Tribute of his Soundwave collection, properly documenting each packaging variant. That is, assuming he doesn't make a website himself. Great collection, Matt!

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