Toy Review: Bounty Hunters 30th Anniversary 4-LOM and Zuckuss (Star Wars Celebration V Exclusive)

I'm a Star Wars burn-out. After about a decade of heavy collecting that started in 1995, I effectively called it quits after Revenge of the Sith. There's only so much that can be done with the property and the action figure line was getting more than a little repetitive. To lure me back at this point, Hasbro has to either: 1) Make figures of characters that haven't been done before or are in dire need of an upgrade. Yet another insignificantly modified version of Luke, Vader, Boba Fett, or Stormtrooper isn't going to impress me. 2) Appeal to my nostalgia. I wash my hands of the prequels and although the Clone Wars animated figures are kind of cool, I'm not interested in collecting an entirely different style. So along comes this Celebration V exclusive 4-LOM and Zuckuss 2-pack which, although it contains figures we've seen before (and therefore fails requirement #1), they're represented in the same style as the vintage figures (which fulfills requirement #2). Let's check them out!

(As you probably know, Kenner mistakenly swapped the names of 4-LOM and Zuckuss in the vintage Star Wars action figure line. But the powers that be decided to switch their names back by the POTF2 years, which makes no sense to me because it just confuses everyone. Being a throwback to the vintage line, this set names the characters as they originally were in the vintage line, with 4-LOM as the bug alien and Zuckuss as the droid. So, that's how I'll refer to them in this review. That's how I'll always think of them anyway, current naming conventions be damned.)

The boxed set is encased within the envelope above. When you slip off the envelope...

...the front and back of the box show proof cards of each figure. 
You can then part the box open like a book...

...and view each carded figure through a window.

The cards are replicas of the vintage cards, but with reflective foil details. 
Of course, the backs are totally different. 

You can see that the photo on the new 4-LOM's card is actually better than the vintage version.


Company: Hasbro
Size: 3 3/4"
Price: $15 (from
Packaging: Boxed/Carded

Appearance: 4-LOM

The concept behind this set is to revert the designs back to the original Kenner figures, so both 4-LOM and Zuckuss have color schemes that attempt to approximate their vintage counterparts. Unfortunately, 4-LOM's color scheme doesn't quite match. He's too light and monochromatic: his skin, hands, and legs should be a slightly darker tan, and his cloak should be significantly darker. The colors are close enough to invoke the necessary nostalgia, but they needed to employ a little more effort to match the vintage look and feel.

Zuckuss' color scheme is almost an exact match to the gun metal gray of the vintage figure. The only discrepancy here is in the eyes, which should have been light blue instead of silver.

The sculpts for neither are new, but they're nice regardless. 4-LOM has a nearly perfect sculpt, but the really interesting feature is his soft goods "skirt". The texture of this skirt works better with the sculpted cloak on his torso than the skirts of other versions of this figure, although it bears little semblance to the texture of the original figure's cloak. It does have the leathery exterior / plush interior feel of the original figure's cloak, though.

Zuckuss also has a great sculpt, even though his gesture is more "action oriented" than the character's appearance in ESB suggests. One pet peeve of mine regarding Threepio figures rears its ugly head here: the hydraulic "tendons" at his elbow joint were sacrificed in order to give Zuckuss ball-hinge elbow articulation. It's a little more excusable with Zuckuss than with Threepio. At least you can imagine Zuckuss in action-oriented poses given his bounty-hunting lifestyle. Threepio never straightens his arms in the movies and rarely moves much beyond the stiffest of shuffles, so I don't see how a ball-socket joint that sacrifices sculpting accuracy is possibly justified. End side rant.

Articulation: Both

The figures sport almost the same 14 points of articulation:
  • Ball-socket head: The hoses hooked up to 4-LOM's head are flexible enough that they don't interfere with head movement.
  • Ball-hinge shoulders
  • Ball-hinge elbows
  • Swivel wrists
  • Ball-hinge waist (Zuckuss) or swivel waist (4-LOM)
  • Swivel hips
  • Ball-hinge knees
  • Ball-hinge ankles: As you probably know, I'm not a big fan of ankle articulation. But the joints are tight enough that the figures don't have trouble standing.
Truthfully, I don't see how Hasbro could pack more articulation into figures of this scale.

Accessories: 4-LOM

Left: 4-LOM's gun vintage (top) and new (bottom). Right: Zuckuss' rifle vintage (top) and new (bottom).

Since this is a throw-back two-pack, the figure's accessories should be rated less on quantity, and more on their accuracy to the original weapons. 4-LOM's blaster is pretty much everything it needs to be: an upgrade of the original weapon. If I wanted to nit-pick, I could say that it shouldn't have any paint apps, but whatever. Zuckuss' weapon is cool and seems movie-accurate (at least, as far I can tell), but it doesn't resemble his vintage weapon in the slightest. And that vintage weapon is all kinds of cool. I know Hasbro wanted to reuse as much as possible because of the limited run of these figures, but would it have killed them to just remake that blaster?

Also, Zuckuss' arms don't come together enough to allow him to hold his blaster rifle with two hands (like 4-LOM). That's significant because the rifle is too long for him to aim without using two hands. He can aim it, sure, but the rifle's length makes him look silly.

Value: Both

At $7.50 a figure, this set is priced at about the market rate for Star Wars figures. That's surprisingly low, considering its limited production run and the nice vintage-inspired packaging.

Coolness: 4-LOM

As a kid, I loved 4-LOM. (He even made an appearance in my Top Ten Favorite Vintage Star Wars Figures.) Not only is he a weird bug alien, but also he has the coolest soft goods cloak ever. That weird pleather material is just plain awesome. This set's 4-LOM replicates some of the awesomeness of the vintage figure, with its similar color scheme and skirt. It would have been cooler if the color scheme were closer to that of the vintage figure, or if the cloak covered his body, but oh well. Zuckuss fares a bit better because he does a better job of replicating the look of the vintage figure. Give him a vintage-inspired blaster rifle, and he'll score a perfect 5.

If I was a carded collector, I'd bump the coolness of this set up a few notches because of the undeniably awesome retro packaging. These figures looked so great on their cards that it was a bit painful to open them up.

Overall: 4-LOM

Despite my love for the classic 4-LOM, this vintage-inspired figure is just meh. Sure, he has a cool pleather skirt similar to the vintage figure's cloak, but the color scheme isn't nearly as close as it should be. Zuckuss and his gun-metal coloration fares better, but he needs a vintage-inspired blaster to complete the tribute. Still, the set is relatively inexpensive and definitely worth your money if you're a 4-LOM/Zuckuss completist, an overly nostalgic fan, or big into the vintage-inspired packaging. I'm not going to say that I've been sucked back into Star Wars collecting, but if Hasbro keeps producing stuff like this for us old-timers, I might get more interested.

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