Artwork: Clawshine (updated)

Little Rubber Guys fans will want to take note of this upcoming TGB custom! Marty (TheGodBeast himself) prototyped the figure while Jason Frailey created the awesome sculpt. I, of course, illustrated the header card you see here.

Shown above are three different colorways for the figure: crystal clear, glow-in-the-dark, and pink. (Keep in mind that things might change between now and production, so the final colorways might be different.) At first, I was going to use black lines for the "ink", but I opted instead for lines that complimented the coloration of the figures (like the dark pink lines in the third colorway). Although I like the starkness and comic booky nature of black lines, the complimentary lines work much better here.

The back of the card.

Since the production figures will be made in three different plastics, this illustration was an interesting experiment in creating different looks for different types of plastic. I think the crystal clear illustration worked out the best. Actually, I found that the same transparent layers of shading and highlights for the pink coloration work perfectly to give the crystal clear coloration depth, so in the future when I'm making illustrations of clear figures, I'll just shade and highlight them as I would a solid figure. The only real differences are the transparent base color and the white lines.

Below is the original sketch. At first, I didn't know how I wanted to really situate the character on the card, so I sketched out the entire character.

Marty will be releasing details on this release on his blog, so be sure to stay frosty!

UPDATE 11/22/2010: Clawshine is now up for grabs!  Check out this post on TGB Customs Blog to order yours!

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