Toy Pix: Slimeskull, Gobon Snatcher, and Voodoo Maggoto

One of the benefits of doing header cards for Marty (aka, TheGodBeast) is that he sends me samples of the figures. Marty's been on a Glyos kick recently, producing cool heads and attachments on exclusive Glyos bodies. I'm a huge fan of the Glyos line (obviously, considering how much coverage it gets here) so I'm always ecstatic to have the opportunity to do some artwork in the Glyos Universe. Here we see three of Marty's recent customs: Slimeskull, Gobon Snatcher, and Voodoo Maggoto!


This first head is a weird cross between a skull and a cthulu. I think it was designed by TGB Kids (you can see one of them with a painting and a paper mache version of the head here). It's a weird (in a cool way) look and given my love for all things skeletal, a fun header card to design.

Gobon Snatcher

I'd love to get more head variants for Gobon, so this figure is a real treat. Another head designed by TGB Kids, the concept is that a Gloop forcibly takes control of a Gobon, reprogramming the robot for the Gloops own destructive purposes! I love Gloops as well as Gobons, so this card was a lot of fun to design. And the figure adds some random wackiness to my Gobon display. For more regarding the card design, click here.

Voodoo Maggoto

And finally, we have Voodoo Maggoto. This figure is Marty's first "removable helmet" Glyos custom, as far as I can tell. Voodoo has a creepy Scarecrow-esque bag over his head which masks his true self: a sharp-toothed maggot! This weirdo goes great with the Infection figures, and he comes with two removable masks: one for his maggot head, and one that fits on Buildman or Callgrim (and both are large enough to fit on other figures, as shown above). I haven't posted anything regarding this header card yet, but for a better look at it (as well as the reveal on the back) check out Marty's blog.

Unfortunately, all these figures are sold out, but stay frosty for Marty's next wave of Glyos figures! It will be awesome!

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