Toy Pix: MOTU Stinkor, Then and Now

Stinkor has always been one of my favorite Masters of the Universe figures, probably because it was a cool redeco of an already cool figure: Mer-Man. (In fact, I thought that Mer-Man was so awesome that he was the very first MOTU figure I chose to buy.) So, add a stark black-and-white coloration to a MOTU favorite, and you have a recipe for success.

But a possible complication arose when Mattel decided on Stinkor's special powers. As you might expect from his name, Stinkor... stunk. I wouldn't say that the figure was particularly noxious in its odiferousness, though. He smelled kind of like that co-worker in your office who puts on a little too much perfume every day, perfume that's just this side of repugnant. I've heard reports of parents who, back in the day, returned Stinkor to the toy stores because of its odor. I'm not sure if those reports are just myths or what. I can't imagine parents caring all that much because it's not like the figure was disgustingly stinky. But I guess it would be an unwelcome surprise if you were expecting a normal-smelling figure.

So let's take a look at the stink man, then and now: the classic 1985 figure and NECA's super-awesome Staction figure. I hope Stinkor gets an upgrade in the new Masters of the Universe Classics line, but it will be difficult to top that incredibly awesome Staction Stinkor.

Masters of the Universe (Mattel, 1985)

Masters of the Universe Mini-Statues (NECA, 2005)

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