Toy Pix: Madballs Skull Face, Then and Now

When I was a kid, Madballs were the coolest things around. I remember feverishly collecting them, even though they're of dubious utility. They're not really action figures to play with, they're not really balls to toss around... just what do you do with those things? It didn't seem to matter; I was such a fanboy that I even subscribed to that awful Madballs comic produced by Star Comics. And my favorite Madball from the first wave was Skull Face.

More recently, American Greetings released a new and improved line of Madballs that, unfortunately, fizzled-out after only two series. But at least my favorite spherical skull made the first series. So let's check out Skull Face: then and now!

Madballs (AmToy, 1985)

Madballs (American Greetings, 2006)

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