Toy Review: Revoltech Anguirus and Gigan

After last month's super-cool Rodan, I was sure to sign up for the next two kaiju in Revoltech's Sci-Fi line: Anguirus and Gigan! Besides Godzilla himself, Anguirus was my favorite kaiju as a kid, probably because of his passing semblance to my favorite childhood dinosaur, the Ankylosaurus. Gigan was another favorite, arguably the coolest villain of the Showa series. Both monsters are strong candidates for any Godzilla toy line, so let's take a look at their Revoltech incarnations.


Company: Kaiyodo
Size: Anguirus- 4.5" tall (hunched over), 10" long; Gigan- 5.5" tall, 5" long
Price: Anguirus- $45; Gigan- $43 at Big Bad Toy Store
Packaging: Boxed (These boxes are gorgeous. They look so great on the shelf that I'm tempted to keep the figures in them.)

Appearance: Both

Revoltech Anguirus looks bonkers awesome. The sculpt is amazing and Kaiyodo was able to pull off a level of detailing so impressive (back spikes, skin texture, teeth, etc) that it would make almost any other toy manufacturer crawl into the fetal position and weep uncontrollably. The paint apps are perfect, which is surprising considering the sheer number of spikes, teeth, and claws that had to be individually painted. I can honestly say that Revoltech Anguirus is the most handsome figure in my collection.

The only (relatively minute) downside is that he has a bit of the Microman Syndrome in that his Revoltech joints are a little too evident in his elbows and ankles. But that can be easily overlooked.

Gigan doesn't quite achieve the same level of aesthetic perfection as Anguirus, but he comes close. There's a similarly awesome level of detail in Gigan's textures, spikes, and wings. And the paint apps are also amazing, creating a strikingly colorful figure. There's a lot of great depth in the washes and the sharpness in the application of the paint is impressive (for example, in areas in which the scales overlap the armor, you can see that they were careful not to let the gold of the scales bleed into the green armor). I have only a couple nit-picks. First, the x-shaped armor on Gigan's torso needs to be a little more blue to differentiate it from the skin. And second, the proportions are just a little bit off, likely due to the Revoltech articulation points. But there's nothing serious enough to keep this figure from a perfect 5-pac score.

Articulation: Anguirus

Anguirus has a buttload of articulation points. (Some joints are hidden so well that I can't see if they're true Revoltech joints without prying the figure apart. I'd rather just avoid potentially breaking the figure, so in those cases that I can't definitively tell if it's a Revoltech joint or not, I included a question mark.)

  • Hinge jaw
  • Revoltech(?) skull base
  • Hinge neck base (might be Revoltech, but it moves like a hinge)
  • Revoltech shoulders
  • Revoltech wrists
  • Revoltech(?) waist
  • Revoltech hips
  • Revoltech knees
  • Revoltech ankles 
  • Revoltech tail base
  • Bendy tail

That's certainly enough for the figure to count as hyper-articulated, but Anguirus unfortunately has the same movement problems as Gaiking. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the Revoltech joints, but sometimes one or both pegs tend to stick in the sockets, so you have to really wrestle with the figure to twist them. Kaiyodo seems to propose a solution to this problem on the bottom of the box:

So, does that mean that Kaiyodo recommends that you should pop off the limbs and turn the Revoltech joint with a pair of needle-nose pliers every time you pose the figure? That seems totally unreasonable.

Gigan has a similar number of points of articulation:
  • Hinge jaw
  • Swivel mandibles
  • Revoltech skull base
  • Revoltech neck base
  • Revoltech shoulders
  • Double-Revoltech elbows
  • Revoltech hips
  • Revoltech knees
  • Revoltech ankles
  • Bendy tail

Unlike Anguirus, Gigan's Revoltech joints move really well. I guess a lot of it has to do with the overall design of the figure and how the sculpt works with (or against) the lateral movement of the joints. A special shout-out goes to the double-jointed elbows and mandibles, both of which add dynamism and personality to the figure.

Accessories: Anguirus  

Like Rodan, some pretty sweet accessories are included with both Anguirus and Gigan. Anguirus comes with a nametag for his office desk, a token for Japanese mailaway offers I'll never be able to redeem, a Revoltech case, and a rocket ship with a take-off smoke trail. Although the accessories aren't as  impressive or as interactive as Rodan's, I have a serious affinity to that rocket. I don't remember its movie reference, but it looks like something out of an 80's video game like Gradius.

Gigan also comes with an office nametag, token, and Revoltech case, as well as three sections of what looks like an oil refinery. The detail of the refinery is amazing, and the silver coloration looks fantastic. Also, the tower comes with two attachments: an intact top section, and a melted/bent top section. Great stuff... although it doesn't look in-scale with Rodan's building.

Value: Both

I'm not entirely sure why Anguirus cost a few bucks more than Gigan, but the price range for the Sci-Fi Revoltech line is pretty exorbitant. The quality of the figures is superb but it's difficult to find $50 to drop every time one of these guys comes out, which makes it a hard line to collect.

Coolness: Both  

I have lots of great childhood memories of both of these guys. My local TV stations frequently played Godzilla movies on the weekends so I quickly grew to love each of the monsters. They were also my favorite subject matter for drawing, and I must have killed quite a few trees with my kaiju doodles.

It's great to get Revoltech versions of these two characters in particular since they both were relatively major players in the Godzilla universe... at least, in the Godzilla universe that I perceived in my childhood. It turns out that Gigan was only in two Showa movies, which is pretty disproportionate to my perceived importance of the monster. Still, he was the meanest-looking monster villain around. I like to think of him as the Boba Fett of Monster Island.

Anguirus, on the other hand, was in a whopping 5 movies, mainly as Godzilla's best bud. He's a must for any Godzilla collection, so his inclusion in the line was paramount. And as I mentioned previously, this figure also gets points for representing my favorite supporting kaiju.

Overall: Anguirus  

This score ended up being a bit of a surprise as I expected Anguirus to steal the show. But even though Anguirus is the best-looking figure in my collection, he drops a point because of his slightly problematic articulation, limited accessories, and pricey cost. Gigan might not quite be the looker as Anguirus, but he looks awesome regardless, moves well, and comes with accessories that are more useful to a giant, city-destroying monster. Gigan's main flaw is with his costly price tag, but it's not enough to drop the score a full pac. Still, both figures are incredible, and the Sci-Fi Revoltech line has arguably the best mass-market kaiju figures ever, so Godzilla fans can't go wrong with any of these figures.

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