Toy Pix: Axis-Enhanced Echo Morph with Phase Arms (Glyos)

When a new Glyos wave is released, I can often only afford to buy one of each item in a wave. Of course, that means that when I finally get my shipment and start playing around with the different configurations, I often find myself thinking, "Man, if I had just bought one more set of blank, I could make this dude super-awesome." So, with this past Glyos release, I decided to go crazy (at least, for me) and buy two sets of metallic Axis Joints and Phase Arms.

I'm a huge fan of the Glyos metallic silver, which makes Echo Morph my favorite Glyos figure. With two sets of Axis Joints and Phase Arms, I had a little more flexibility so that I could design the ultimate Echo Morph. And here he is! I like to think of him as a Goro Class Echo Morph, after the four-armed boss in Mortal Kombat.

When I showed Goro Echo Morph to my wife, she said, "It's a little excessive, isn't it?" Damn right it's excessive. Goro Echo Morph doesn't do anything to moderation, especially when it comes to armament.

For those of you keeping score, this figure consists of:
  • 1 Echo Morph with Scar Pheyden head and Sarvos torso.
  • 4 small Axis joints.
  • 3 large Axis joints.
  • 2 small Phase Arms.
  • 2 Axis limbs.
  • 1 Axis disk.
  • Argen Buildman backpack, hand, and peg.

Next time I'll concentrate on getting enough weaponry and joints to properly equip Centurion Callgrim.

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