Toy Pix: Lieutenant Saavik, Then and Now

The Star Trek movies featuring the classic cast never got a lot of attention from toy manufacturers, but fortunately we did manage to get some Wrath of Khan figures from both Playmates in the 90's and Diamond Select in the 2000's. This Then and Now feature concentrates on one of the most memorable characters in TWOK: Lt. Saavik.

This is a case in which the "Then" figure works a lot better than the "Now" one. While the Kristie Alley likeness of the Playmates Saavik is dead on (even though I'm not sure where the yellow eyes come from), the Diamond Select likeness bears little semblance to the actress. That's uncharacteristic for DST, which usually cranks out great sculpts. It makes me wonder if they couldn't score the license to Alley's likeness for this figure.

Also, if you look closely at the DST figure's left leg (the one on your right), you'll notice that it's too big and the thickness doesn't match up at the thigh joint. That's because the leg below the thigh joint was actually reused from the Captain Spock figure! I'm not sure why DST did that, but it's a pretty egregious flaw that really screws up the figure's silhouette.

Anyway, check out both figures below!

Lt. Saavik (Playmates Toys, 1995)

Lt. Saavik (Diamond Select Toys, 2007)

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