MSPaint TMNT, Wolverine, Batman, and He-Man by Jason Inge

My friend Jason has been playing around recently with the artistic capabilities of MSPaint. I've always thought it to be such a simplistic program that there's no way that you could do anything interesting with it, but Jason proved me wrong! Click through to check out his surprisingly awesome MSPainted TMNT, Batman, Wolverine, and He-Man!

I remember as a kid being totally awestruck at some of the artwork created on Amiga computers in the 80's. Although there was substantial pixellation, the art had a strangely realistic quality to it. These pieces remind me a lot of those old Amiga illustrations. Take a look below, and keep in mind there was no tracing involved!

TMNT Movie, Work in Progress

Here we see some of the steps involved with creating the TMNT illustration shown above.


He also played around with some Wolverine illustrations. I like the 90's styling of the first one.

Batman and He-Man

And finally, we have Batman and He-Man. Great work, Jason!

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