Toy Pix: Gold Clawshine 2.0

I've been drooling over the Clawshine 2.0 figures for the past few months. Sure, I already have a couple of Clawshines from the first wave, but two is just not enough. Not to mention the fact that the 2.0 wave includes a super awesome gold-painted figure. Fortunately, Marty hooked me up with one as a bonus for my work on the Infection 2.0 wave, as you can see above. Click through to check out a couple more shots!

This Gold Clawshine is probably the coolest piece of my MUSCLE collection. And considering I'm a MUSCLE old-schooler with one of the first MUSCLE sites on the Internet, that's really saying something.

I also incorporated a Clawshine into the Dork Dimension's rotating logo at the top of the page. Reload the page a few times and maybe you'll see it.

If you'd like to pick one up yourself, contact Marty and he'll be able to hook you up with one if they haven't sold out already.

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