Toy Pix: Infection 2.0 Pheyden, Govurom, Soldier Beetle

The latest Infection wave from TBG Customs featured our favorite Glyos heroes and villains infected by a gruesome agent that horrifically transforms them into intergalactic spiders! These heads are near and dear to me because I feel like I was part of the design process. For the Infection 2.0/Kabuto Mushi triptych, I wanted to explore the process of how the Infection spread through the Pheydens, so I came up with a few quick sketches of a Pheyden midway through the transformation. Marty ran with the idea and sculpted these awesome heads depicting half-transformed versions of not only Pheyden but also other Glyos heroes and villains.

Above you can see the clear blue infected Pheyden head on the Henshin wave 2 body. Also, the clear smoke head works perfectly with the Goro Class Echo Morph custom build. The Govurom head looks cool on Dominus Callgrim (although it would have been perfect on Nemica Storm Callgrim). Also included in the Infection 2.0 wave is a "soldier" beetle head, which you'll notice in the triptych illustration at the far right. The dark red plastic worked great with the clear red Infection Echo Morph body. It's similar enough in hue to look cohesive, but different enough to make the head stand out. Stay tuned for the main man, Kabuto Mushi himself!

These head accessories were received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work performed for the Infection 2.0 wave.

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