Toy Pix: Gamorrean Guard, Then and Now

Gamorrean Guard was one of my favorite aliens from Jabba's Palace when I was a kid. The movie costume was so awesome, and the creature was featured so prominently on ROTJ promotional materials, that I had to get a figure as soon as possible. I still have a strong nostalgic fondness for Gamorrean Guard, in part because it was one of the few aliens from Jabba's Palace that wasn't perverted by Lucasfilm including it in the prequels as a Jedi, Senator, or whatever. Let's check out Gamorrean evolution over the past (nearly) 30 years!

Gamorrean Guard (Kenner, 1983)

The vintage Gamorrean Guard was a great figure with a sculpt that was awesome for the time. The Gamorrean's added bulk made it difficult to interact with the playsets and vehicles, but a Gamorrean without its girth isn't a Gamorrean at all. And there's nothing cooler than a classic Gamorrean-eating Rancor diorama.

Gamorrean Guard (Hasbro, 2011)

First, let me thank URS for sending me this figure after I complained about not finding the key players of the ROTJ wave. Hasbro's most recent update of the Gamorrean Guard is pretty darned amazing. The sculpting and paint apps are so awesome that you can almost see the Gamorrean drool dripping from the figure's chops. While at first I thought the sculpt's proportions were a little cartoony, they're actually very close to those of the movie costume. The fur skirt makes the figure's silhouette a little too fluffy, but the soft goodness of the skirt is fun nonetheless. I agree with URS in that the helmet is absurdly loose and there's no way it will stay on during playtime. But that's not a big deal to a collector like me, who just plops a figure on the display shelf after opening anyway.

Kenner 1983, Kenner 1997, Hasbro 2011

As a bonus, I also took a "Then and Then and Now" shot featuring the POTF2 Guard between the vintage and modern figure. I have a fondness for the POTF2 figure, too... in many ways, it's the most playable of the three.

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