Toy Pix: Kabuto Mushi

Here's the hero of the Infection 2.0 line, Kabuto Mushi by Marty of TGB Customs! While previous Glyos-related releases from TGB Customs included head and arm attachments, Kabuto is Marty's first entirely unique figure for the Glyos universe. Click through to check him out!

The Infection 2.0 wave featured a war between heroic beetles and evil spiders, with Kabuto Mushi as the implied leader of the beetles. (He is the centerpiece of the Infection 2.0 triptych, after all.) The sculpt is a really cool rendition of a beetle in Glyos form, and I love the fact that the carapace extends over the back of the figure. Something tells me, given the coolness of this sculpt as well as the sculpts of the previous wave, that Marty really digs bugs.

Another cool thing about this figure is that it's molded with color-changing plastic. I dipped the top half of Kabuto Mushi in a cup of hot water and it turned the figure a pearlescent white! (See above.) The effect is really impressive, especially if the figure is made of clear plastic since you can watch the figure change colors from the outside-in.

Stay tuned to for more Infection-related news! Those flocked Bio Jumpers look awesome!

This figure was received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work performed for the Infection 2.0 wave.

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