Toy Pix: Basic and Axis Armored Glyans (Combat Team Black Skull)

It's somewhat of a momentous occasion in the Glyos Universe when Onell Design introduces a new 2.75" body buck, so you might imagine my dorky giddiness when the Glyan made its debut last month! I managed to score a couple basic Glyans, as well as an Axis-upgraded Glyan before they sold out. Let's check them out!

The basic Glyan is proportionally more humanoid than his Buildman and Pheyden cousins. He seems smaller, but he's clearly not when you compare them all together. Glyan reminds me a lot of the Starcom figures (especially with the reverse face that looks a lot like an astronaut helmet), so it would be great to see repaints in Starcom colors. Maybe this would make a cool Custom Corps theme.

Axis Armored Glyan is the basic figure augmented with a few sets of Axis joints, with the larger Axis bulbs form a backpack of sorts. I wanted to go for a spacesuit with navigational arms, like the one that Spock wore in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, so I modified the thrusters of the backpack by cannibalizing a Standard Callgrim. Sorry, Callgrim... your sacrifice is appreciated!

Each Glyan has an insignia designating the figure as part of the Combat Team Black Skull. It's a cool idea, and I hope future Glyans all have their own insignias.

I'm sure we'll see many more colorways of this Glyan soon! I'd love to see a Standard Armodoc colorway (pink and white). A MUSCLE-y pink Glyan would just make my day. :)

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