Toy Review: Clawful (Masters of the Universe Classics)

Although I never developed enough of an attachment to the original Clawful as a kid to make him one of my favorites, I always thought he was pretty awesome. This new Clawful tugged on those nostalgia strings enough to lure me back to the MOTUC line, even after three lackluster figures in a row. It's been a full eight months since I reviewed a Classics figure, so let's see if time has cleansed my palate enough so that I can assess this figure without the baggage of previous disappointments.


Company: Mattel
Size: 7"
Price: $20 plus $8.70 shipping (
Packaging: Carded


It might seem weird, but the main thing that sold me on this figure is its highly saturated red color scheme. We've seen lots of blue, green, and purple in MOTUC, but this is one of the few red figures. And since red is such a strong "hey, look at me" color, Clawful is a real stand-out kind of guy.

The sculpt is great, with a wonderful crackly skin texture. The armor has some really nice crustacean detailing and a slightly duller red for some visual differentiation. But with his red textured skin, Clawful looks just as dynamic without the armor.

It's important to note that Clawful's body sculpt is identical to both Buzz Off and Whiplash. If you have those figures, don't expect anything different (except the huge right claw, of course).

The head sculpt is a cool nostalgic take on the vintage figure, but the features are just a bit too cartoony to fit well with the rest of the MOTUC line. Poe Ghostal recently referred to Clawful as "Animal", so of course that's what I'll be thinking of whenever I look at this figure. Thanks, Poe.


Clawful has a good 21 points of articulation (depending on how you count them):
  • Ball-socket neck
  • Swivel-hinge shoulders
  • Swivel biceps
  • Hinge elbows
  • Swivel wrists
  • Hinge claw
  • Hinge chest
  • Swivel waist
  • Swivel-hinge hips
  • Swivel thighs
  • Hinge knees
  • Swivel shins
  • Ball-hinge ankles

The hinge chest is restricted by the armor (of course) and the ankles seem a little too loose for their own good, but Clawful moves really well otherwise. At least, he won't have any problems banging on his drums. Damn you, Poe.


Clawful might not come with a drum-kit, but he does come with chest armor, a shield and a mace. The mace is heavily influenced by the vintage mace but the shield is a new addition. The coloration of the shield contrasts too much with the armor, so I think it would have looked much better if the shield's color and plastic matched the armor. Speaking of which, the armor is an excellent update of the classic look; in fact, the back looks suspiciously like the 200x styling of the character.


The Red Team!

I still haven't gotten used to the MOTUC prices. At over $28 including shipping, this line is a real taxing one to collect (so to speak). Sure, the quality is top-notch but it's difficult to justify setting aside $30 a month (at least) just for this line.


Not even He-Man can overcome the might of Clawful's awful claw!

The Four Horsemen have a knack of nailing the nostalgia when it comes to these MOTUC figures. Although I don't have my original Clawful anymore, I don't feel like I need to track one down after this guy because the feeling of nostalgia won't be any different.

So what's with the average 3-score? Well, I made the mistake of doing a search for the 200x-styled Clawful Staction figure. And that thing is cool. Crazy cool. Although I appreciate the nostalgia of the MOTUC Clawful, it's really no match for the incredible bad-ass sculpting of the Staction figure.

Of note is the giant claw, which has a spring-loaded snapping feature. It's not bad, but I would have preferred there to be no spring so that you can pose the claw open and closed.


Like Gygor and Grizzlor, Clawful ended up scoring only a 3 out of 5. But I'm not nearly as disappointed with Clawful as I was with those two. The sculpt, coloration, and accessories are really strong, but Clawful slips with a difficult-to-swallow price tag and shrinks when he's compared with the 200x Staction figure.

Did you know Clawful was a musician?

Damn you, Poe.

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