Convention: Baltimore Comic Con 2011

Hulk overlooks patrons at a dealer's table.

The Baltimore Comic Con gets better every year! 2011's show featured some big names in the comic book industry, including Stan Lee himself! I didn't pony up the money to get Stan's autograph but I had a blast regardless. Not only were there plenty of other great comic names there, but also lots of fun dealer's tables. However, it's the cosplaying that has quickly become my favorite part of the show. Fans are amazingly resourceful and many of the costumes at the Con were very impressive. I managed to get way more shots than last year, but even then I only captured a small percentage of the costumes at the show.

I'll apologize in advance for the relatively low-resolution pics. I took my iPhone instead of my normal camera this year, and some shots turned out better than others. Let's take a look at this year's costume parade!

 Left: A female Loki (Thor). Middle: A Viper and Cobra Commander recruit for Cobra!  Right: Boba Chicken from the Family Guy Something, Something, Something Dark Side special.

 Left: Stormtroopers and an Imperial Officer. Middle: Sarah from the webcomic Cosmic Hellcats. Right: Supergirl!

 Left: Silk Spectre. Middle: One of my favorite costumes from the show... Galactus with Silver Surfer! Right: A creepy Two-Face. 

 Left: Black Canary and Green Arrow. Middle: Green Lantern, Dazzler, and Captain America (the latter two I recognize from last year). Right: TDK Batman, with his girlfriend Rogue hamming it up behind him. His suit was that cool TDK motorcycle suit from a few years ago, if you remember it. 

 Left: Thor. The kids were all crowding around him! Middle: Dr. Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was advertising a Trek-related podcast called Dork Trek. Right: Wonder Twin powers, activate! 

 Left: Female imperial officer and a cool Biker Scout. Middle: Beebop and Krang! And finally: A couple of Supermen, with my friend Jason in the background.

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