Dork Dimension: Year Three

It's that time of year again! That's right, the Dork Dimension has completed its third year of existence! This site has changed a lot in the last year, so let's take a look at how far it's come.


The most noticable change is the design, which went from an intergalactic to a computerized theme. (If you're feeling nostalgic about the Dork Dimension designs of the past, you can check them out here.) Another big shift is the migration of micro-blogging from Twitter to Google+ (for many reasons). Tweeters will notice that the Twitter account is still being updated, but those updates actually originate from Google+.

Also, I moved my artwork over to deviantArt. I noticed a few artists I follow use that site to display their work so I thought I'd give it a try. It turns out it's a great community to share artwork and check out what other artists are doing. Not to mention the fact that my stuff gets 2-3 times the exposure than it did here. I'd definitely recommend it.

You might have noticed that some of the pages, like the Toy Reviews page, have sortable tables. (The concept, but not the code, was swiped from Poe Ghostal. The code I used can be found here.) I wanted the audience to be able to sort the toy reviews so that they could list the reviews by toy name, toy line, or rating. It's not as functional as a database-driven solution, but it works pretty well.

Top Ten Articles for Year Three

Let's check out the 10 articles that gathered the most page views in the past year!

10) Toy Tribute: Deanna Troi
The only Star Trek: The Next Generation tribute to make the list, many of this post's hits came from the Star Trek Online Forums. Maybe somebody there needed costume references.

9) Toy Tribute: Godzilla GMK vs. Final Wars (Bandai Japan)
It's cool to see fans still have an interest in Godzilla vinyl figures.

8) Toy Review: Black Lantern Batman (Blackest Night Wave 5)
A great sculpt for a great concept... even if the whole zombie thing is being played out a little too much these days.

7) Toy Tribute: Top Ten Favorite Toys from the 2000s
This tribute landed the exact same position last year. As I said then, I suspect that it's a catch-all for a bunch of search engine queries.

6) Toy Review: Tron Legacy Clu and Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle
It's weird to see Tron Legacy toys make the list considering how poorly the line sold in the stores. Maybe people wanted to see reviews before making the plunge to buy.

5) Toy Tribute: Galoob Star Trek: The Next Generation
This one came as a bit of a surprise to me. Maybe the relative obscurity of the line (compared with the Playmates Trek figures) makes people inquisitive enough to seek out information about it.

4) Retro Toy Review: 11-inch Krang's Android Body (Playmates TMNT)
URS predicted last year that Krang would show up in the top ten list this year, and here he is!

3) Toy Review: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Dino Megazord
It shouldn't be any surprise that the Dino Megazord made the list this year (and at the exact same position as last year). Power Ranger fans are pretty enthusiastic about their toys.

2) Toy Review: Jabba's Rancor w/ Luke Jedi (Hasbro)
For some reason, this review "stumbled" its way onto, from which it got most of its hits.

1) Toy Tribute: Toxic Crusaders by Playmates
For the second year in a row, Toxic Crusaders scores the top spot! This was a really impressive feat considering it's no longer linked on the official Troma site. Let's see how it fares in Year Four!

Most Commented Article

The most commented article this year was a recent one: MOTUC Clawful. The comments not only discussed the figure, but also the MOTUC line as a whole. John K. and URS in particular wrote some seriously long essays there. Thanks for participating, guys!

Top 5 Referring Sites

I get a good share of traffic that comes from other sites linking to the Dork Dimension. I consider it the highest honor to be linked to on another site, so special thanks to all the webmasters who link to the Dork Dimension. These 5 were the sites from which I got the most referral hits this year:

5) ToyPedia
A cool mini-figure and trading card site, Toypedia is always a fun read. There's some weird stuff on that there site.

4) Poe Ghostal
One of the best toy review sites out there, Poe Ghostal also has a number of other memorable features like Bastards of the Universe and Toy Aisle Trolls.

3) The God Beast's Blog
I often collaborate with Marty of TGB Customs by providing artwork to accompany the releases of his figures. His stuff is always so cool that the collaboration is more fun than anything.

2) Infinite Hollywood
Infinite Hollywood is another great toy review site with a healthy love of Godzilla that I find disturbingly lacking on the Internet these days.

Phillip Reed veers way off the beaten path of toy collecting. From designer vinyls to Hot Wheels to Glyos, covers a lot of ground and has fun doing it.

What's to come in Year Four?

Honestly, I'm not sure. I've pooped-out on many of the lines that have interested me before. Last year, I thought that I would get back into Star Wars but that interest was killed by spotty distribution of the vintage figures. MOTUC seems to be winding up as very few of my favorite characters have yet to be realized in the Classics style. Green Lantern movie toys are pretty much finished. Transformers had some awesome potential with its Generations line, but it was derailed by the merchandizing blitz for the awful Dark of the Moon movie. GI Joe has some incredible figures, but where the crap are they?

So what's left? Glyos is omnipresent in my toy collecting mind, so you can expect to see more Glyans soon. Of course, I'll fill in some blanks in my Star Trek collection. And hopefully we'll see some new TMNT stuff in the next year to accompany the new cartoon. Other than that, I'll have to think a little out of the box for my action figure needs. Maybe... dare I say it? Power Rangers?

I also have a few cool new features planned for the site that I'll unveil as time permits. Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: All items reviewed on Dork Dimension were purchased by the reviewer unless otherwise noted. The opinions expressed on Dork Dimension are solely those of the author and are presented for entertainment purposes only.