Toy Pix: The Batmobile, Then and Now

Batman's costume changes little over the course of decades, but the Batmobile changes much more frequently and dramatically. Not only does the style of the Batmobile reflect the car designs of the time period, but also each artist has an entirely different take on what the Batmobile should be. The Batmobile of my childhood is a totally different animal than the Batmobile of today, so with this Then And Now we take a look at two 3-inch Batmobiles.

Batmobile (Corgi, 1979)

The first is from the Corgi Super Heroes Cars line. Although released in the late 70's, the Corgi Batmobile still sports the design from the 60's Batman TV show. This specimen was fortuitously found a few months ago by my mom in a box of old junk from her garage. I thought that I had completely mined my parents' house of my old toys for some time now, so this was quite a surprise. Like my larger Corgi Batmobile, this car got its share of playtime so it's showing its age.

Batmobile (Mattel, 2011)

The Batmobile pops up every once in a while in Mattel's Hot Wheels line, and this one was stylized after the design from the Batman: Arkham Asylum game. It's not my favorite design as it's a tad on the bubbly side and it unfortunately reminds me of the Batmobile from the Batman and Robin movie. Still, it's interesting to see how the Batmobile has evolved over the years. I wonder if the new Arkham City game will feature an entirely new Batmobile.

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