MS Paint He-Man and Battle Cat by Jason Inge

My friend Jason was playing around with MS Paint again and made this amazing piece featuring He-Man and Battle Cat! You may remember that this isn't the first artwork he's done with MS Paint, but this is his masterpiece, at least so far. (Although I do really dig those Ninja Turtles.) Click through for more!

Jason offers this insight into his motives:
So a little background into this picture... I was not satisfied with my original MS Paint He-man as I was only working from memory and couldn't get his likeness perfect. The new picture started as just a close up portrait of his face. But I started to get bored with that idea so I added Battle Cat. Ultimately, I was trying to make this look like the original box art paintings, which is why Battle Cat is without his mask. But I was also trying to reproduce an iconic pose from the cartoon. Plus I wanted the colors to be more bright and vibrant like the cartoon. He-man in the cartoon always looked more exciting and colorful becuase they tweeked his skin tone to be more orange and his chest straps to be blue... hence... complimentary colors. And then what do we have with Battle Cat in the cartoon... bright red and bright green... complimentary (this is why I didn't go with the more muted burgundy of the figure/boxart). So what I made is a cross between the exciting colors and the basic composition of the cartoon with the box art/action figure's proportions and features.
Check out the steps below!

Finally, Jason used Photoshop to alter the final pic above into Adam and Cringer. He noted that this was the only time that Photoshop was used. Great work all around, Jason!

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