Toy Pix: Glyan Recon of Dinosaur Land

After an intergalactic dogfight in which his ship was irreparably damaged, a Relgost Marine Division Glyan finds himself crash-landed on the strange prehistoric world of Dinosaur Land!

The Glyan surveys his surroundings. Dinosaurs and all sorts of monstrous creatures abound... he must be careful.

The terrain is rough, but the marine successfully sneaks past an Iguanodon. It's an herbivore, but it can get spooked easily and a herd can unexpectedly stampede.

Glyan climbs a mound and discovers a bloody-mouthed theropod eager to add a side dish of Neo Sincroid to his meal! The marine doesn't hesitate in his flight...

...but inadvertently runs right into the hungry maw of a Velociraptor! Fortunately, the business end of a Relgost standard issue blaster is less than appetizing, providing just enough of a distraction for the Glyan to escape.

He discovers that not all dinosaurs are hostile, as this Stegosaurus is easily tamable. He makes a note of that fact in his log. An army of Stegosaurs could come in handy in the war with the Armodocs.

Dinosaur Land is crawling with mega-fauna of obscene gigantism, like this giant land octopus. One shot from the Glyan's blaster and the octopus backs away.

The Glyan wonders if this huge praying mantis is related to the legends of the insectoid Glyos Infections.

Finally, the marine ascends a mountain and sees at its peak an unimaginably huge gorilla! He pauses, aghast at the sight. The primate turns towards him, death in its eyes. The Glyan wearily draws his blaster. Can he survive the seemingly endless monsters of this strange world?

Dinosaur Land is a road-side attraction featuring full-scale fiberglass dinosaurs. Since it's been open for at least 40 years, there are plenty of great old-school dinosaurs. It's fun to walk through and see the depictions of dinosaurs from yesteryear. There are also some newer, more scientifically-accurate dinosaurs for modern dinosaur enthusiasts. Check out for details!

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