Toy Pix: Man-E-Faces, Then and Now

Observe, the Man-E-Figures of Man-E-Faces! This dude was one of my favorite MOTU figures when I was a kid so I was ecstatic when the Masters of the Universe Classics line released its take on Man-E-Faces. Let's take a look!

Man-E-Faces (Mattel, 1983)

I always thought that Man-E-Faces had a cool cybernetic sort of body, but the play feature is where the real fun is. Turn... he's human! Turn... he's a robot! Turn... he's a monster! The face that you prefer probably says something about your psyche. I like the monster face (no surprise there), so I wonder what Freud would say about that.

Man-E-Faces (Mattel, 2011)

The MOTUC line does a great job of updating a classic figure with improved sculpt and paint apps that still maintain the look and feel of the vintage figure. Sometimes that unnecessarily limits the design, as with Scareglow. Unlike Scareglow, Man-E brings something new to the table with an additional triptych head. Turn... he's He-Man! Turn... he's Orko! Turn... he's Skeletor! Personally, I like the Skeletor head because it makes him look like a radioactive space zombie.

Mattel 1983, Mattel 2003, Mattel 2011

Let's not forget the Four Horsemen's reimagining of Man-E-Faces in the 200x MOTU line! I loved this incarnation of the character, and I think the figure's design is far superior to even the MOTUC version. The main problem is the paint apps that don't showcase the figure's sculpt particularly well. I wish this dude got the NECA Staction treatment.

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