Mini Toy Review: Green Lantern Battle Axe Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Week

There's only one week to go until Green Lantern is released on home video and I still have 7 figures from the movie line that I need to review. So let's both celebrate the release and crank out these reviews with a Green Lantern Week on the Dork Dimension! I'll review a different action figure every day until the movie is released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 14th. I'm not nearly prolific enough to do a full review every day, so these reviews will be miniaturized for your consumption. For the first one, let's start out with Hal Jordan himself!

This 4" Battle Axe Hal Jordan is identical to the Green Lantern Hal Jordan from the first wave, sans mask. Like the first figure, the sculpt is pretty nice and the likeness to Ryan Reynolds works well but the flat paint apps hurt the realism. Articulation is limited to only 6 points (swivel neck, waist and hips; ball-hinge shoulders), so you won't find the hyper-articulation that you're used to from lines like Star Wars.

He comes with a really cool axe construct that's substantial enough to boost the figure's value and make his $7-$8 price tag more reasonable. He also comes with a role-playing Green Lantern ring, but if you're an old fart like me, it won't fit on your grubby meat hooks. That's probably for the best anyway.

Since Hal reuses so many parts, he's not as cool as he could have been. I'm having a little difficulty justifying the existence of two nearly identical Hal Jordans in my Green Lantern Corps. If you only want one, I recommend the first version since it comes with a cooler fist construct. But those like me who are unreasonably obsessed with the movie will have to get Battle Axe Hal for their collections too, since he was also depicted without his mask in the movie.




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