Mini Toy Review: Green Lantern Galius Zed (4"-scale)

Green Lantern Week

Speaking of weird alien designs (see last post), we'll close Green Lantern Week with the weirdest of the weird, Galius Zed. This was a difficult design to pull off, considering in the comics Galius was pretty much a Pac-Man looking dude with three legs. But the movie did a great job of redesigning him in an interesting and realistic manner, while maintaining most of what made the character fun in the first place.

The sculpt is nice and it reflects the movie design really well, but as with others in this scale, the limited paint apps flatten the figure. That is especially the case with the flesh paint on the face, which softens the look by adding a layer of paint over the sculpted details.

Mattel tried to give this weirdo some decent articulation but there's not much you can do with the design. The shoulders swivel but are frustratingly limited and can't be positioned straight upwards. Galius won't be joining in a "We are the Corps!" salute anytime soon. Fortunately, the fingers are hinged so they can open for a standing position and close to hold the dual-bladed construct (which is pretty awesome, by the way).

He also comes with yet another role-playing ring. Please, make it stop.

But Galius is certainly one of the coolest Green Lanterns around. Fans of freaky aliens (like me) will love him.




I want them alive, no disint... What the hell is that thing?!

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