Mini Toy Review: Green Lantern Max Charge Kilowog

Green Lantern Week

Day 3 of the Green Lantern Week features Max Charge Kilowog in all his Jello goodness! Not only does the clear green plastic look awesome, it also has a wonderful rubbery smell that makes you wish you had a box full of Max Charge Kilowogs to open up periodically, like aroma therapy for the toy collector. Sadly, the smell dissipates over time, so sniff away while you can.

There isn't much in the way of paint apps for Kilowog, which is okay because they would just cover up the clear plastic that's the main selling point of the figure. Part of the fun of clear plastic is being able to see the insides of the figure like the articulation points, of which Kilowog doesn't have nearly enough (only swivel neck, waist and hips, along with ball-hinge shoulders).

Kilowog comes with a role playing Green Lantern ring and if you've been collecting this scale, you probably already have a crapload of them by now. He also comes with an energy blast that not only looks cool, but you can also use it to connect to the energy constructs of other figures. That, along with the substantial size of the figure, makes his $7-$8 price tag reasonable.

This dude is a must-buy for fans of smelly clear plastic.




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